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Securing the global Marine Industry’s continued success story

September 14, 2020


Four regional market leaders, one marine surveying & consultancy network


All the major players in the marine industry have one common denominator: their operations are never limited to one port or region. What you need is uniform high service levels and 24/7 emergency response, wherever you are in need of marine surveying, consultancy and claims management services. We are here to meet your needs. Because our story is about your story. About clients who move cargo around the world and the operators and insurers who enable the millions of journeys involved in the transport of billions of tonnes of freight.

To secure a truly global service offering, I’m proud to inform you that the four companies of Van Ameyde’s marine network have solidified their cooperation. By joining forces, Van Ameyde Seasia, Van Ameyde Marine, Van Ameyde Krogius and Van Ameyde McAuslands have created an unrivalled network covering all major ports, from the Baltic and North Sea to the entire APAC region.

All of this with just one thing in mind: helping secure the success stories of all those involved, with fact-based services. On our brand new website you’ll find:

  • all our services, ranging from consultancy, surveying and loss prevention to loss mitigation and claims handing
  • all our surveyors and consultants in an easy to use app to help you find the right expert for the job quickly
  • our emergency numbers for 24/7 assistance our in-depth articles, seminars and events for high-level knowledge sharing

Rely on our ability to act fast, wherever and whenever you need us. Visit, install our webapp and have our entire network of surveyors, consultants and claims handlers at your immediate disposal.

We are looking forward to be in touch with you soon, to discuss any questions or needs you may have.

Kind regards,

Amanda Björk, Walter Dekkers, Hanna Kivelä
and Albert Weatherill

Van Ameyde Seasia, Van Ameyde Marine, Van Ameyde Krogius
and Van Ameyde McAuslands


Van Ameyde Seasia
Amanda Björk

Van Ameyde Marine
Walter Dekkers

Van Ameyde Krogius
Hanna Kivelä

Van Ameyde McAuslands
Albert Weatherill