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PRESS RELEASE: Van Ameyde participates in SEAsia Group

October 16, 2019

Van Ameyde participates in SEAsia Group

On 16 October 2019 Van Ameyde concluded a share transaction with Singapore-based SEAsia Group. The strategic partnership is geared to expanding Van Ameyde’s marine surveying network to the Asian Pacific market.

Domiciled in Singapore – the port from which Van Ameyde wishes to expand its marine business in the region – it boasts a network of surveyors in 20+ countries in the Asian Pacific. SEAsia has found a strong strategic partner in Van Ameyde to develop the region to its full extent.

SEAsia will provide Van Ameyde with meaningful presence in the region, offering Van Ameyde the opportunity to explore the market and provide its customer-base representation beyond its current network which already stretches from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. Conversely, SEAsia’s customers will benefit from representation in the wider European region, covered by Van Ameyde’s existing network. Van Ameyde’s participation in SEAsia follows various acquisitions in the Benelux, Northern and Eastern Europe and the UK in the past few years.

About SEAsia Group

SEAsia is a highly experienced marine consultancy company, providing regional services to P&I Clubs, shipping companies, freight forwarders, Hull & Machinery Underwriters, Insurance companies, Brokers and any stakeholder in the logistic chain or marine market throughout the Asian Pacific.

About Van Ameyde

Van Ameyde (VA) is Europe’s market leader in the area of complex & commercial loss adjusting and surveying. The companies making up VA Specialists’ marine surveying network are McAusland Turner, Van Ameyde Marine, Arntz | van Helden, Krogius, Sparks Surveyors and Marine & Logistics Control. In addition, Van Ameyde provides technology-driven claims and fleet management solutions across Europe. The company’s in-house IT organisation develops agile IT systems, platforms and functionality geared to supporting its customers with their digital transformation, while strengthening their cyber resilience.

SEAsia Van Ameyde press release